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  It is a tale of souls and swords, transcending time and history, eternally retold...welcome to the new stage of history! *SLAP* Sorry...

The land of Mytharia: once a place where dreams could come true, and the splitting image of a peaceful, beautiful fantasy world. Now terrorized by dark forces beyond its control, the remnants of the free people of Mytharia take the most dire risk in opening a rift between worlds, a desperate act of hope to seek aid from a dimension other than its own. The fate of the doomed land rests upon the slender shoulders of a young girl...

The city of Toronto: Affluent, populous and damn cold. One of (if not, hehe) the largest cities in Canada, a Asian teen bemoans his life and his future. Gifted with the talent of art, Soul Calibur and not much else, he is unsuspecting of just what will befall him in the rapidly approaching future...

Now is the time where worlds collide, where emotions will grow and die...starting now, the line separating fantasy and reality will be broken.