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Dave- The main character of F|R, Dave is the archetypical manga artist/otaku. Promptly after returning to school for his last year, Dave has undergone a series of abnormalities, including elves, dwarves and gun toting 'mooks'. As if that weren't enough, he bears the mark of the Masque, a warrior that appears whenever he or Analyn is in danger! What future awaits our mind-boggled teen?

Analyn- Ana-chan's basically the only reason I did F|R; must..draw...cute elf girls! That aside, despite the uncovering of her past and relationship with Masque, she remains a mysterious character. In a time where she suffers emotional anguish beyond compare, she tries to reach out for a friend...

Masque- After taking in the impact of his folly, the strange swordsman known as Theras cast away his mask and swore never to meet Analyn again. He now tries to make amends for hurting Analyn by teaching Dave the art of the blade. Theras hopes that someday, Dave will become a better Guardian than he ever was.

Izumi- Izumi was the first Earthling to meet Analyn, and took the hapless Elf under her wing. A Japanese student at U of T, Izumi shares the apartment with Analyn, and acts as a protective, older sister to her. She spends her free, non-clubbing nights searching her connections for any information on the unknown corporation that incessantly hounds Analyn.

Finkel- Finkel is the loose screw in the cast of F|R. Armed with an impressive array of weapons beneath his trenchcoat, the dwarf's single joy is to cause mass destruction on the "Mooks" that hunt him and Analyn. Finkel is the second character from Mytharia, although there may be more...