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Hi there, and welcome to my website! I hope you enjoy Fantasy|Reality as it enters its second year of existence. This comic was originally hosted at Angelfire , but I was quickly running out of space. So here I am at Keenspace, but I might move again. Regardless, this website got a much-needed facelift.

Oh yeah, this section was supposed to be about me. I am an aspiring artist, designer and writer: all are things that I humbly think I do well and that I enjoy. This site is a culmination of all those things.

For even more useless information, some of my favourite things:

-Elf Girls
-Elf Girls
-Elf Girls
-Dance Dance Revolution Arcade 5th Mix (Paranoia on Trick, Dynamite Rave on Trick, Afronova Primeval on Basic, Dive on Basic).
-Squaresoft RPGs (Final Fantasy X, anyone?)
-Tae Kwon Do and martial arts in any way, shape or form (3 years and running, going on red belt(2nd gup)).


-hugs to Lisey for being such an incredibly great friend.
-Props to (in no particular order): Theo, Ka Ho, Matt, Miles, Greg, Francis and Tony C. You guys rock.

I guess that's enough crap from me for now; never give up, and keep fighting the good fight!
-Dave [2002.07.31]