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Wanderlust-A Work of Fantasy

Wanderlust takes place in the world of Ryth, a world which is fortunate enough to still have the force of magic pulsing through its veins. Although Ryth itself is made up predominantly of humans, or Rythians, other older races still reside there. To the east lies the lush and impossibly majestic island of Vellucyn. Vellucyn is home to the race of the Elves, an ancient people who were once closely tied to Ryth. Long ago, the Elves taught Rythians the skills of war, trade and innovation. To the northwest lies Tildar, the seemingly infernal, mountainous island home of the Dwarves. The Dwarves have long developed the capability to journey beyond their home, and have a greater tendency to mingle amongst Rythians.

The continent of Ryth is fairly young, being only a couple thousand years old. Governed by the Castle Cathanin and protected by the ranks of the unshakeable Templar, all seems peaceful in the land. But Ryth's darkest secret lies in the southwest, beyond the Fulacian Taiga. An unspeakable land, boiling like a festering wound that could explode at any moment, sending a wave of darkness across the land...

Wanderlust is a story of magic, love and adventure. Not everyone knows their place in life, but in this tale, we follow one young man who is struggling to find his, and will ultimately uncover the truth about himself. Welcome to Ryth.

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