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Updates (and Extreme Rantage!)

Dave [2002.08.24] Correction: I will not physically update this site with my periodic rants and raves; I will, however, upload new comic episodes as necessary. These upload sessions will not be as frequent; perhaps every two weeks or so. I am currently spending more time to improving the Angelfire host. Once I run out of space there, I'll hightail it over here. It's good to have a contingency plan =) Is it me, or is Keenspace a bit faster than before?...

Dave [2002.08.24] If you are reading this, then you are at the Keenspace-hosted Version of Fantasy|Reality. I no longer update this site, as the server is too slow for my liking. You can check out a much faster-loading Fantasy|Reality at http://FantasyReality.cjb.net. Thanks!!



I'm making the final touches to the website. Streamlining, that is.

Dave [2002.07.23] Alright everyone, breathe a sigh of relief as the first comic in a month goes online! A shout out goes to everyone from summer school who's visited my site! Only 2 more days, people; hang in there! By August I'll have, a) the Keenspace website ready, b) have at least one new comic, and c) put the two sketchies in the gallery, as well as a third that I didn't display because it's landscape-oriented, and that would just mess up the front page. Congratulations to anyone who noticed the miniscule reference to Max Payne in today's comic (0056)! I am eagerly awaiting Max Payne 2, even though it was only announced 2 months ago T_T. Oops, study time; the rant can wait 'til later. Until next time!

Dave [2002.07.17] Woo...a bit over a week left of summer school! Sorry for nothing on Tuesday; I was loaded (am loaded?) with schoolwork. Tomorrow I'll put up another piece of art. For all those who were irked by the abrupt cliffhanger in the F|R storyline, gomen. I'll make the wait worth your while. Promise!

Dave [2002.07.09] Man...what a dreary week and a bit, eh? If you hadn't noticed, I've been busy for the past 10 days. Blame it on summer school. It's not going too bad, unless you count in the times where I frequently doze off in class because I've been woken up too early in the morning. Add in the fact that lunch "hours" are only 45 minutes long, and that means I can't even get enough time to work on the comics. Bleh! Instead of doing primarily F|R for the next couple weeks, I'm going to put up the art I *do* manage to scrape up in summer school. This will be a series named "Sketchies". First up is Alya, a formerly fantasy-based character I'm quite fond of. Thursday/Friday will feature Shiru Heishida, the somber swordsman (Shiru-kun is a nickname I use sometimes, FYI). Together, the new, 21st century versions of Shiru and Alya will form the inseparable duo (couple?) of "Wanderers" (which sounds much cooler in a modern setting than a fantasy one, ne?). Well, just a change from F|R which may be just as entertaining.

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